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About Us

We don't have rooms but you'll want to stay.


Our Story

           Hotel San Francisco is a hidden gem tucked away in the Financial District streets. Established in April of 2018, the bar got its namesake from a song by the Los Angeles based rock band, the Eagles. After months of mulling over the name for their new establishment, the team was driving through the windy SF streets when the song Hotel California began to play. All it took was one look at each other and the dreamy idea for Hotel San Francisco was born. 

           This chic lounge is the first US venture for the brother and sister team, Thomas Glenwright and Priscilla Dosiou. Both took their success from Australia and collaborated with co-proprietors Paul Schulte and Michael Timbs to create the upscale cocktail bar we see today. The major theme for the bar is meant to evoke a 70’s rocker feel with a modern glam twist. The team connects their Aussie roots with their wide-eyed opinion of Californian culture to create a space for delicious cocktails, shareable bites, and lively music.  

Meet The Team

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